Emergency Radio we all should have one.

You might be thinking why do I need a radio? Well what if the power goes out, or some other emergency happens. If you have a small radio you can listen to the lastest news if there is any to be had. You might get directions on where to meet others, or evacuation routes. The uses are endless. A small radio is something I would suggest having more than one of, also have extra batteries for it. Keep one in your house and car and keep a small one in your bug out bag in case you have to leave everything behind. You can get important weather updates, and warnings, information on areas to go to, or to avoid. It is a great safety item to have for you and your family. There are many radios on the market, choose one that is easy for you to use. I like this one, it will fit right in your pocket or you can wear it around your neck.

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Emergency Radio

  • Ultra Slimline AM/FM Radio
  • AM/FM reciever
  • LED power indicator
  • Carry Stripe
  • Super lightweight earphone
  • Batteries included
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
  • Keep in your car, bug out bag, office, home anywhere you might need it

All Weather Tarp

You might be thinking why would I need such an item. If you can keep yourself warm and dry you have a much better chance of surviving. Your body temperature will drop much faster if you are wet and cold. Your outlook on survival will be much better if you are somewhat dry. Keeping the wind off of you is huge, even a thin poncho can help keep you warm in an emergency.  Being out in the weather you will also get very dehrydrated. In a survival situation this is a very bad idea.  When you get dehyrdrated it affects all your body systems. You won’t be able to keep your body heat if you are dehydrated, or cool your body off if you are dehydrated.  Severe dehydration can lead to other serious problems and even death.    A small tarp like this can literally save your life. It is lightweight, durable and easy to keep in your car or emergency kit. You never know when an emergency can strike.ustallweathertarp