Growing your own garden

Have you ever thought, I will just grow a garden if times are rough. I know I have. There are a few things to consider, first have you ever grown a garden and do you know how to do it. Have you ever plowed the land, planted the seeds, harvested the fruits of your labor. If the answer is no to any of these questions, you might want to grow a garden for practice. The benefits are great, you will learn how and get some good nutritious food to eat while you are at it.

Growing a garden sounds simple enough and it its, if you know how. I would recommend taking a master gardener class in your area. They know the local soil conditions, the local pests and all kinds of great information. They are an awesome resource for you.

Get your family involved in the garden project, more than one person in your group needs to know how to garden. What if something happens and you are not around can your family take care of themselves? The time to learn is right now, not when you really must have it. Take this time to practice and develop your gardening skills. Think about it, if times are really bad, fresh vegetables are the perfect bartering item.

Written By Barbara Conover

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