What do you wear in an emergency?

We never want to be stuck in an emergency or disaster but it could happen. If you were caught in an emergency and you have to walk any distance, have you given any thought to the shoes on your feet?  Every person in your close circle should have a decent pair of walking shoes. Something that is comfortable to wear and something that will be durable. You wouldn’t want to start walking in a pair of flip flops.

With your shoes you should also have a couple pairs of good socks.  One pair to wear and the other to change into in case the first pair gets wet. Get good quality socks, something that can breathe.

Also make sure you have worn your shoes many times so they are broke in before an emergency arises. Blisters are miserable, you don’t want blisters no matter what, in case you do get blisters have some moleskin in your emergency kit. It can save you so much agony in the long run.

Your feet can literally save your life, take good care of them. I know this is not a glamorous topic but it is one of the most important.





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